It is ironic to think that most of the business owners most in need of specialist support are not in position to afford it. I have been supporting business owners for over seven years now in many sectors such as manufacturing, services, construction, logistics and event management. I think of myself now as pretty experienced in running a small business, and due to my history and role well experienced in delivering growth and positive change in businesses much larger.

But back in 2012 when I established A&S I was fresh out of corporate management in a manufacturer in the consumer electronics sector. I had never run my own business. I had never taken that leap. If I had known then what I know now I am not sure if I would have done anything differently, but I certainly would have had more conviction in my beliefs and values which have held true. When I started A&S I sought advice from many close to me, sounded out local business support and networking groups but at that stage I could not afford the professional support that most first time business owners would benefit from.

Today, seven years on, most of my direct and indirect clients are scale up businesses or larger, usually with revenues in the millions and many years trading (and therefore experience) under their belts. As I type this the smallest business I consult to is IRO £0.5m revenue p/a but this year will be far beyond that. Most of the businesses I come across using external consultants regularly are 10-100 times this size, or larger. Larger businesses with both experience and buying power recognise the value offered by specialist support or laser focused external oversight, but often it’s the smaller businesses for whom that experience may mean the difference between thriving or not even surviving,

I have decided to open an opportunity for smaller and newer business owners to take advantage of my experience. I have been working for some time on my pricing model and have introduced a “Light” model. Keeping costs to the client to £120.00 per month this model will allow for four structured face to face sessions per year, each up to two hours. These sessions will be planned in advance and be sequential meaning each will follow on from the last building momentum as we go. Designed specifically for start up and smaller businesses these sessions will bring my experience to your business without the heavy costs and commitment often associated with external consultancy. Between sessions I will provide additional reactive support by way of phone and email, but this will be limited in a “fair use” way.

So what’s in it for me? The benefits to clients are obvious. I’ve been in business for seven years, and before that in management for ten dealing with global clients and supply chains. I have spent my time working with many businesses across multiple sectors. I have made mistakes, and seen others make mistakes. I can bring all of that experience to bear in your small business in a structured manner working with you and your team (if you have one) to increase your revenue and profit, reducing costly mistakes.

What’s in it for me? Simple, it’s not the money! But it will help you, the small business owner not quite sure what to do next. Pondering on growth opportunities, investment ideas, business launches and more. And that’s my primary goal, helping you achieve more. Giving me good news stories and experiences to share building my credibility further will be a side benefit. Also honestly I hope some of the “Light” clients will turn into “Hands On” clients over time. As I help the business grow I can provide more support and of course generate more income for both my business and the clients at the same time.

Is there a catch? Sort of……  Here is the first. I will only work with three direct clients in this model for the foreseeable future. That may increase in time, but I cannot commit too much time to this in the short term as I want to deliver properly. The second is each relationship will be a minimum of 12 months. Why? Because any less than that is not long enough to make a real difference. I will only take on clients within 30 minutes drive of my base in Trowbridge if the meetings are face to face. Finally payments are monthly by DD / standing order. They’re not too bad are they! Travelling costs are additional, but I won’t count travelling time.

So how do you express interest? That’s simple. Email me on with the subject of the email being “I want to go light” (I am just kidding the subject is really up to you)! I will send you a brief questionnaire which will take you no longer than fifteen minutes to complete and you send back. We’ll chat and then we both decide if its for us. If it’s not for either party no commitment, and no harm done.

That is that. Hopefully many of you reading this will see the benefit and open you mail now. If not think on what not? Are you confident I cannot add value? If you’re just not sure how it would work get in touch and I will happily explain. Three businesses of any size…..that’s all I’m looking for. Now click on that email address above and start typing in the subject :”I want to go li……….. Look forward to hearing from you!