As any business or management consultant will tell you a key differentiator between a business owner striving for growth with a plan, and a person that owns a business is the ability and effort spent working on the business, instead of in the business. It’s a saying that’s been around so long it’s probably boring for some. But that doesn’t reduce how vital it is.

One of my key skills is helping and supporting the business owner to work on their business. Helping the owner set and keep priorities, understanding and delegating actions to support these and measuring their success over time are all part of the skills that should be in the “skills locker” of a good external consultant.

For my part in that over the course of the last few weeks I have been documenting more about what I am doing, keeping my social media up to date (links below), using LinkedIn a little more effectively and also updating my company presentation.

All of this is helping the outreach of my business to potential clients. Evidence of this is being seen by more people contacting me having ‘found’ me on ‘Google search’ or come across me or A&S on social platforms. Visits to my site are up. Proposals going out are up.

Most important for me is I’m now answering the questions even my friends ask “what exactly is it you do?” If my friends are asking this, that’s a problem, and one that needs addressing.

So here’s a few little snap shots, tasters if you will, of the new presentation that I’ve had done over the past week or so. Get in touch on if you would like a copy.

Mental note made, I need to add a download section to this site as well……..

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Twitter: @AS_Consultancy