An innovative relationship that may challenge the conventional way you have done business, constantly looking for growth possibilities while taking you and your team with us positively.

Working in small to medium sized businesses we bring experience and knowledge with a goal to grow your profitability and a holistic approach to working with your organisation. We can also specialise in smaller projects such as product launches or launching into a new market sector. We will work with your business in your business.


I can work as part of an executive team bringing a different perspective and connections to a business in a non-exec capacity offering critical challenges to an existing team. I can also mentor and develop senior and executive managers that may be newer or less experienced in their role.


Growing sales sounds like a simple goal, but there are many different ways of achieving sales growth. At A&S we look at your existing business and will propose areas and methods of growth achievable within our brief, and will be looking for the fastest, most sustainable, most profitable growth areas.


A relatively new innovation in marketing is to apply a specialist level of support to specific brands or products. The Product Manager drives revenue and profitability growth through focus. Thinking about longer term sales and marketing strategy, ensuring stock availability and working across the whole business to remove barriers to growth are all under this remit. Brand and product management if done correctly can become the beating heart of any business.


From working with a purchasing team to re-evaluating the businesses strategy in sourcing ethically or more locally I can work on new processes and relationships to support your businesses needs and values always looking for efficiency opportunities.


Launching a new product? Considering introducing a new IT infrastructure? Would you want an external perspective on an activity important to your business such as a location move or new marketing venture? I can provide that expertise and sit in on a board or management team with a fresh perspective .