In the final quarter of 2016 A&S projects generated revenues of £142k for our client base. This is up from £102k in the previous quarter and £97k in the same period in 2015 showing a 46% growth year on year.

Although a portion of this growth has been through adding a new client in this year a significant majority has been achieved ‘organically’ by simply growing business for our existing clients year on year. This represents the benefit of having A&S working alongside you in your business.

We specialise in helping business owners and managers achieve sustainable growth through supporting and working on specific initiatives or providing mentoring and guidance to senior managers. We also provide direct account management services working in your name with your clients.

We can be used to launch a new project or initiative without the costs and commitments that come from a full time member of staff, or as a long term partner supporting you in driving sustainable growth in all aspects of your business.

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