Coronavirus, and the losers are…..

Is there such a thing as winners and losers from this pandemic? Simple answer, yes. This article is about the losers, and some are obvious. International travel, for tourism or business, is fast re-shaping itself [...]

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The New Normal – Timescale of Change

It's a common misconception that we are arriving in "The New Normal." We're not. We are now entering a transition to that state. It's important to define "normal" in this. For me this is when [...]

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Assessing Business Impact in the New Normal

As business start to return to trading, or at least start to plan it, many are uncertain of the world they are coming back to. One thing is for certain, it's not the same as [...]

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Exiting Lockdown Checklist

  It is clear from the announcements from the Prime Minister and Chancellor on May 11th and 12th that plans are being executed to exit lockdown in a phased manner. This includes the "stay at [...]

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Free 30 Minute Video Calls

As part of a package of support for business I have launched a 30 minute free video call which has proved incredibly popular. The purpose of the call is to cover three main areas for [...]

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A&S Amends Terms and Conditions

A&S Business Consultants Ltd has amended it's standard terms and conditions for operating with clients. An up to date copy of the 2020 onwards standard terms and conditions can be downloaded here A&S T&C's 2020

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