June 2020 sees the launch of the biggest research project I have undertaken since I formed the business in 2012. The research piece is called “A&S Business Consultants: Transition to the New Normal for SME’s.”

This piece of research takes the form of a 30 page document which I present through webinar. It is meant for small and medium sized businesses. I’m running a series of webinars to share the research, my interpretations and in some cases work specifically with businesses to support their readiness for this. The report references work from bodies such as Imperial College London, CNN, The Board of Innovation, McKinsey & Co and others. I’ve interpreted the data often published for ‘big business’ and repositioned it for small to medium sized business with an UK (and EU) focus.

Screenshot 2020-06-04 at 19.32.31This is my note at the front of the report. My research piece started as a self improvement project. Working with clients I needed to have a clear opinion on what the market looked like post Coronavirus, and the factors driving that. Very quickly I realised the business owners I was talking to just didn’t have a grasp of what was happening, the severity of the likely impact, or the length of time its was going to take to get through.

An example? We’ve all heard this phase regarding the ‘unlocking’ and re-opening of businesses now.

“As we move into the new normal………” This is commonly used as terminology describing the era of businesses re-opening in June / July 2020.

The news is we aren’t! We are nowhere near the “new normal.” It is months away, possibly 12, more likely 18, maybe even 24. Today, in June 2020, we are in a false “propped up” economy. Businesses still have not re-absorbed staff, redundancies are yet to happen, and some companies are underpinned up by cheap loans which in many cases will sustain businesses that would otherwise have failed. Many of these will invest this money badly, or not at all, and then fail. In other words businesses trying to predict their new market size and supply chain stability are working with false data.

This is not normal. It is not predictable. The best we can hope for is some form of normality to arrive by spring / summer 2021. The more likely scenario is it is autumn of that year.

Screenshot 2020-06-04 at 19.41.24

This illustration (Source: Board of Innovation) highlights some of the likely factors extending the period until the new normal actually arrives, in this case in later 2021. Its allows for some aftershocks such as increased unemployment and bankruptcies and assume a mass vaccine is available in early 2021.

My no. 1 finding in carrying out this research is middle and senior managers, and indeed ownership teams, are not interpreting the impact on their verticals accurately or realistically. There is no realisation of the extent to which their day to day operations will have to change for their business to continue to trade. From their sales to their logistics process, it will all need to change, in a market shifting like quicksand in some cases.

The research piece covers the following:

  1. Timescale for change – why 12-24 months and what factors are driving this?
  2. The business change matrix – what is effect your business?
  3. Trends predictions – the winners and losers
  4. Business challenges and actions to overcome, and even to thrive
  5. Examples of adaptation and pivoting seen already

In a 60-70 minute webinar you will get a fuller picture of what to plan for within your business. Which processes will need adaptation. The timescales for your financial planning. The likely stability of your clients and supply chain. Sessions will be available for groups of individuals, teams from the same employer or even 121 if a business leader wants to really get under the skin of my thinking. All sessions include a full copy of the research piece including references. All group sessions where attendees are from different organisation will have one free spot available on application for a business that has suffered

Pricing and availability

Mixed group session (different businesses) Max of 8 people : £75.00 ea. The most cost effective way to gain insight with seven others from other businesses and sectors a chance to talk with other like minded business owners / leaders and listen to their insight and questions as well as your own.

Dates and times:

Wednesday 17th June 10am and 5pm

Tuesday 23rd June 9am

Thursday 25th June 5pm

More to follow

Group session (all same business >8 attendees) or 121 with business leader £350.00. After the report we can position the findings for your business specifically with a 30 minute window for discussion with you / your team for where pressure points may exist.

Thursday 18th June 8am & 4pm

Tuesday 23rd June 5pm

Thursday 25th June 7:30am

More to follow

All sessions are paid for in advance. Invoices provided on booking for payment by return. Bookings must be made with 48 hours notice,

Bookings made by emailing: thenewnormal@asbusinessconsultants.uk. make sure you include delegates name and date / time of booking.