Following my piece on helping DAR Logistics this is the first is a series of short videos from clients highlighting some of the advice I have given them, and what they are doing as a result.

In this video I talk to Tracie Kett, owner of Gillingham Glass Ltd based in Dorset. Gillingham Glass, established 2005 has sales of c£700k employing 8 and operates a B2B business supplying trade clients such as Centre Parcs, as well as retail business dealing with consumers and trades people.

Tracie talks about how one of the earliest pieces of advice I gave her, so early it was in fact before we had a formal relationship, was to not rely too heavily on her business for providing for her retirement. Tracie, now in her 50’s, had never had a pension. She had always planned to sell the business on retirement, and for those proceeds to become her pension pot.

When it comes to exit planning there’s a great deal of work to be done to maximise value to potential buyers which we start on post Coronavirus. In addition to this I have been advising Tracie to de-risk that strategy a little by putting other plans in place should something unforeseeable happen to the business. When Coronavirus hit that highlighted to Tracie just how vulnerable her plan was and she has now taken my advice and is investing for her future across a number of options.

Now to start work on the exit planning!

Ashley Hutchinson, A&S Business Consultants Ltd

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