The game at Inspire has upped significantly over the past six months so to speak. Following the appointment of a team of associate directors to support local SME business owners in their growth ambitions stage two of this has now been announced.

Inspire have announced their next level of support, a ‘Virtual Board’ where through business connections Inspire will be able to recommend senior personnel into local business management teams in a non-exec capacity. I am delighted to be one of that small team recommended by Inspire as a Non-Exec and look forward to being part of the processing facilitating positive change for local business.

This brings smaller businesses an affordable method of adding experience and expertise into either an existing or new management structure.  For businesses that don’t already have a board these are some of the benefits brought as written by Rob Perks, Inspires CEO.

1 An in house think tank

Think of your board as a think tank, your board members serving as a sounding board, a source of ideas and expertise

2 Fill Knowledge gaps with expert help

By carefully selecting people, you can fill in the gaps in your knowledge without having to employ these expensive resources as staff members.

3 Innovate and challenge your thinking

Having a good board puts new eyes on the business that will see new ways of doing things and provide new ideas

4 Contacts you wouldn’t otherwise make

It’s not just their own expertise that your new board members will bring. They will also come with their own contacts, who may be valuable for the development of your business