Wow. What a team in Naturally Social. Natalie, founder and MD has put together an awesome team based at Digital Mansion in the centre of Corsham, Wiltshire.  Natalie 5 years ago was running social media for Wiltshire Council, but being an inspired entrepreneur at heart with a purpose before profit approach she established Naturally Social to run social channels for other businesses. 5 years later she has a team of 5 and a full service offering having just added Nishaa to providing digital media and video editing.

Ashley has been working as a company advisor and mentor since 2019 and has been working on the business growth plans with Natalie for several months. A fundamental part of growth planning is the communication of the plan to the team as that can not only set the goal,  but also help achieve it. Natalie chose to use Ashley’s business growth workshop to deliver the goal. As part of the workshop was collaboration and feedback she was able to benefit from the input of her valuable team  as to the challenges and how to over come them on the journey!

The 5x growth plan starts here! If you’re looking for a team to turbo charge your communication plan or marketing strategy look no further.