As part of a package of support for business I have launched a 30 minute free video call which has proved incredibly popular.

The purpose of the call is to cover three main areas for the client.

  1. Is their business likely to survive the Coronavirus pandemic, and for how long?
  2. Has the business taken advantage of the support available from Government as appropriate?
  3. How is the business planning to exit lockdown?

Feedback from the simple 30 minute call has been phenomenal.

Here are Kelly’s findings from a business in the very challenged leisure events industry.

Client outcomes from my advice have been:

Thousands of additional financial support accessed.

Peace of mind their business will survive and thrive post Coronavirus

Opportunities for further growth have been realised propelling their business growth both during and after the pandemic.


Steve runs an events business near Bath based in a beautiful location and was similarly impressed with the sessions outcomes.

To enquire as to availability simply email