It is clear from the announcements from the Prime Minister and Chancellor on May 11th and 12th that plans are being executed to exit lockdown in a phased manner. This includes the “stay at home” message being adjusted as people are allowed more freedom, and staff being encouraged back to work. With the phasing out of lock down comes the pressure on businesses to either get back trading if they had been mothballed, or to bring back all staff that had been furloughed.


If we put a scale on this challenge there are over 6 million people currently on furlough. The cost of the business and employee support schemes in place equal expenditure on the NHS at over £120Bn p/a if they were to continue so it is no surprise the Government want to phase us out of this as soon as possible.

Up to this point businesses that have been impacted by Coronavirus have been able to scale their costs back by taking advantage of employee schemes, payment holidays and potentially grants or loans. As we start to move towards the ‘new normal” there are two major challenges being faced by business owners,.

  1. Taking back on their costs over a short period of time
  2. Not knowing the revenues of their business in the new world.

Business owners need to start planning their return including researching their client base to estimate revenues and phasing back in their staff so the incoming costs don’t overwhelm the finances to breaking point. I have produced a 9 stage checklist to support this process designed to add a little detail to the obvious steps in this planning, while also prompting thought and planning in some less obvious steps.

This checklist is free to my exist clients, and costs only £25.00 to non-client businesses. Clients will have a confidential download link in my bulletin today on exiting the lockdown while others can download a sample from this link Businesses Exiting Lockdown Checklist (non-client edition)

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