Since the start of Coronavirus impacting business I have:

  • Steered business owners to over £750k of Government backed support
  • Published numerous articles helping business owners navigate grant and loan options
  • Provided support face to face for over 60 businesses (inc launching free 30 min video calls)
  • Been used by the BBC repeatedly to support business owners on the radio
  • Writing opinion pieces since February on likely impacts and threats and recommendations as the scale of pandemic emerged

But that was a short term challenge, and frankly one that is self manageable in lesser complex businesses. The big challenge now is looking forward at the likely shape of the new normal. This is the area I am keen to start working with new clients in terms of identifying trends, risks and opportunities.

This is where businesses of all size need to form opinions, assess the possible impact and either capitalise on opportunities or mitigate risks. Adding me to that process will add tremendous value. Here’s why.

  1. I’ve been ahead of the curve on CV19 and impact on business since the end of January predicting business impact and publishing articles since the first week in February.
  2. I’m engaging with over 150 business owners directly through clients and networks with a handle on possible impacts and scenarios across multiple sectors giving you information and opinion early.

The bottom line is I will be able to predict possible impact, positive and negative, and help shape your business to either avoid pitfalls or capitalise on opportunities. So here’s how you can engage me.

  1. A free 30 minute video chat. I will offer this service to any business free. It’s a one off opportunity to get a shortEXaOG1iXkAA7rA0 EWyUOWuWAAAxnHG snapshot opinion of my take on your business and get a feel for how I work. It is the only way I will engage free and on a once only basis. The value is massive to recipients – check out my feedback.
  2. A retained basis with one monthly session of 2-3 hours. Costs £395 per month plus expenses. Additional services are billable and all clients have a cost ceiling I won’t go over without their written consent.
  3. A business or board advisor. A fuller role with more ad-hoc work rolled up into a monthly retainer with fuller remit. This starts at £1,500 per month and includes up to 2 days work including day to day support. Additional work is at a lower rate and a cost ceiling agreed.
  4. An assessment of your business operating within the New Normal. What are the greatest likely risks? How can I mitigate these? Where are my opportunities? What should my next actions be. A one off assessment of your operation trading post Coronavirus complete with report and recommendations. A one off fee starting at £250.00 depending on scale of the business. This is carried out remotely and will take 1-3 days. Finding published within 5 working days of conclusion of assessment. Includes a copy or the report “The New Normal” and access to a webinar on the report.

For both items one and two the process starts with a fact find, a chance to learn about your business properly. This will involve meeting (virtually at present), key stakeholders and usually takes up to a day. Costs for this are set depending on the nature of the business.

The outcomes for my clients:

  1. Avoiding the pitfalls and challenges of the New Normal scenario planning where needed.
  2. Maximising your capitalising on opportunities
  3. Increased efficiencies in the overall running of the business and professional development of the senior staff giving long term benefit.
  4. Sales and profit growth through improved sales strategy.

Your business will benefit from my input at either strategic level or looking at day to day operations and assessing where changes are likely needed. Need additional external expertise? I work with a team of associates from HR to IT and health and safety to accountancy. All local and all trusted. Between my network we can fill any expertise gaps you may have before they open.

Get in touch now on and set your business on a path to survive and thrive.