Having worked with DAR for several years the growth prospected for Dannys business have always been clear. Danny started the business himself as a driver on departure from his role as a logistics manager for a local well know furniture manufacturer.

Quickly Danny accelerated the business and took on a second vehicle and driver and onboarded clients such as Howden’s Joinery and Superior. In 2019 DAR exceeded £300,000 in revenue and were running five full time vehicles and a healthy storage business.

It was clear for some time that to structure for the coming growth DAR needed to incorporate. After a period of consultation with the businesses accountants the decision was made and we were enacting this from 1st April 2020 before Coronavirus arrived.

After the Coronavirus pandemic hit I was watching the packages of Government support come out and realised should DAR incorporate in the middle of the crisis it was possible it would not have been eligible for any support. Seven days before the planned incorporation date I strongly cautioned against it causing Danny to pause the process.

On this and other Advice Danny said:

“Ashley has been supporting my business for a number of years. Partly on his advice I was incorporating the business on April 1st 2020. As the Coronavirus hit the UK Ashley was keeping a close eye of the support packages from Government as they were announced. The last week in March he gave me a very firm piece of advice to cease the incorporation of the business and remain a sole trader. This was a complete u-turn from his long standing previous advice which shocked me a little, but I took it. It turned out to be very good advice as I am now in a clear position to claim Government support. Had I incorporated the businesses it would appear I would have fallen through the cracks. That piece of advice alone has more than paid for Ashley’s involvement in my business and I’m very grateful.”

Danny Reeves, Owner, DAR Logistics