A must see interactive Webinar for businesses transitioning to the”New Normal”

This webinar combines research from bodies such as The BBC, McKinsey & Co, the Board of Innovation, CNN, Imperial College, John Hopkins University and more. It will change how you think about what is coming for your business and help you survive and thrive in very uncertain times. It is written specifically for small to medium sized business owners.

This webinar is the result over of 150 hours of research into the New Normal and the journey there. The conclusions are startling.

  1. The New Normal many think we are entering is at least 12, more likely up to 24 months away.
  2. Business owners are not aware of what the transition to The New Normal looks like as they plan and execute their return to operations.
  3. Nothing like this has been seen before so no business owner has experience to draw on.
  4. Every business will be impacted, some more than others.
  5. There are opportunities, if you think in the right way early enough.

Some examples of what will change within most businesses.

  1. Sales processes – used to selling face to face? Used to being able to demonstrate your products?
  2. Supply Chains – dependance on international relations, sea and air freight?
  3. Your customers are creatures of habit?
  4. Rely on the retail or hospitality sector for your income?
  5. Rely on international transport to do business?
  6. Disposable income and consumer spending drive your market?

All of these will be impacted by both the low touch economy and external economic factors. The session will help you understand why and how. Together we will look at how you offer could be adapted or pivoted to minimise impact or capitalise on opportunities.

This webinar will give you a fuller picture for SME’s than anything else available. It will reveal factors driving change in your business and sector and illustrate how they are interacting. Together, over the hour, we will cover the following:

  1. Timescale for change – why 12-24 months and what factors are driving this?
  2. The business change matrix – what is effect your business?
  3. Trends predictions – the winners and losers
  4. Business challenges and actions to overcome, and even to thrive
  5. Examples of adaptation and pivoting been seen already and how you can capitalise on this.

There are two formats. One for individual business owners to join others with the same desire to learn. The other is for one business to have up to 8 employees on the same session, Both have dates and times published and can be booked by clicking opposite. 

If you’re a little uncertain as to what’s right for your business or you’d like a little 1-2-1 support before looking at a group webinar please email covid19support@asbusinessconsultants.uk. I’ll get you booked on a free 30 minute on Zoom or Teams session with no obligation!





































































































































BBC radio has used Ashley as a regional expert on the impact businesses have seen and the Government support available since the pandemic started.

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