These are some of the precautions I am taking in my business to protect myself, my clients and those I interact with from the risk of cross infection from COVID-19.

  1. I am washing my hands regularly with soap and hot water. This is being done regularly but as a minimum on arriving and departing my home and office, and on arrival at my destination such as a clients premises and meeting locations.
  2. I am carrying hand sanitiser with me and using regularly throughout the day
  3. I have adopted a daily routine of disinfecting my digital devices such as my mobile phone, iPad, laptop and desktop keyboard and mouse. I also disinfect my car steering wheel, gear stick and door handles daily
  4. My family and I have taken sensible precautions at home such as daily disinfection of door handles in the home and office spaces and all kitchen surfaces.
  5. Should I or any of my immediate family suffer from any form of symptoms we will follow the recommended NHS guidelines including self isolation.
  6. On arrival and departure from meetings I will no longer be shaking hands those present.
  7. I will follow request of clients such as temperature checks on arrival or departure from their locations.
  8. Other sensible precautions will be adopted as recommended.