AS CBS 1The global economy is being ravaged by Coronavirus with non-essential UK businesses virtually at a standstill, and those  that are still operating significantly restricted. The crisis, while devastating, is temporary. UK and global trade will return to normal.

This program will allow business owners and operators to invest in themselves and their businesses during their ‘downtime.’ This program could quite literacy be the silver lining to the Coronavirus cloud.

Written to be provided via video call using MS Teams, Zoom, Skype or FaceTime the syllabus is made up for five distinct modules. Each module will have a preparatory document sent to the client in advance to allow for preparation to take place.  The program framework is the same for all clients, but each module, and how long each client spends in them will vary. Details on the modules are below.

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Module One – Fact Find.  Think of this phase as “a fireside chat” with you encouraged to dream and share frustrations in the same conversation. There will be detail discussed, but this is also a chance both parties chance to get to know each other.



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Module Two – Crisis Period. This module is a review of the continuing operations, revenues and costs thought out the Coronavirus before we come back. Its designed to make sure if your business remains operational through Coronavirus you are scaled properly to survive and come back able to trade. It is also the phase that will determine your size and position on return to make sure the planned changes are realistic and achievable.

If your business is not trading throughout this period or this module will not be relevant and your likely return size will be worked on as part of the fact find.

Screenshot 2020-04-08 at 11.50.26Module three is the most intense module likely to be handled over several sessions. This is where we begin reviewing and working on your company vision and various strategies such as sales and marketing. This is also the first module where we may pull in external expertise too get into the detail though one of the associate businesses working on the program in marketing communications, IT, HR and accountancy.

As part of this module we will also set the expected outcomes and benchmarks to assess the progress on return to business. These will be reviewed and acted on later.

Screenshot 2020-04-08 at 11.50.33Modules four and five are about setting the business to return to operations. As this is likely to be phased both in terms of Government guidelines but also cash-flow we will scenario plan to maximise efficiency as well as implementation of the changes. Module five is a review process to make sure our expected outcomes are happening and if their not set some reactionary actions accordingly


Screenshot 2020-04-08 at 11.50.57Costs vary from client to client and will be clear up front. There are two payment plans available. Both allow for some of the costs to be paid on return to operations, with one allowing for a 40% of the costs to be paid 30 days after your business returns to trading to get some cashflow re-established.


More details are available on request via

Ashley saw Coronavirus impacting business and has been writing on the subject since early February. He has been providing commentary to BBC West Country through March and has also been live on BBC Radio as an expert on business impact and Government support policies. He has been instrumental in how a number of businesses have reacted to the crisis securing their survival and positioning their return early and stronger than without his intervention.

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To download the full syllabus please click on the image above