We are delighted to have been appointed by Craig Knight of CK Painting and Decorating. Having met Craig through a local business group I was instantly drawn to his knowledge and passion about both his job and his clients.

CK Painting & Decorating undertake domestic and commercial projects including having recently worked on an office project, home extension, and is currently on a major project in a church.

Like all businesses he faces challenges which I’m looking forward to helping with but given his expertise, determination and focus I’m looking forward to working with him.

Craig is a typical example of where I think the person is as important as the business. Passion, knowledge and determination are key to success but so is his willingness to accept external help and be open to new ideas.

Looking forward to making a difference!

If you’re interested in following the journey with Craig’s business follow their Facebook feed for more information. Link below.

CK’s Facebook

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