The credit crunch, the change in regulations and how this affects business today

This week I attended the Inspire Elite Growth Forum where the Bank of England were guest presenters. Because the bank was unable to discuss the interest rate projections, (the MPC meet this week so they stay quiet on the matter), she discussed the changes the bank have made to regulating and stress testing the financial sector [...]

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Marketing, creating a lasting impression

This week I had a wonderful experience with some of my family, and all thanks to a great piece of marketing by a household name in the UK, Land Rover. I can't help subconsciously recognising this as a commercial decision by a corporate organisation, and can't help thinking "how does this fit in into their [...]

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Consultants – affordability and value delivery?

On the theme of reasons businesses often don't engage a consultant, I am convinced many business owners either don't understand the value behind some good external expertise, or just don't think they can afford it. I think there are two sides to this statement. The first is affordability. There are a few factors when looking at [...]

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National Rugby Awards – the engagement legacy

One of the highlights of 2019 was leading the National Rugby Awards commercial partnerships team. One of our objectives this year in establishing a relationship with Guinness especially was to engage more with the grass roots of the game more throughout the year. One of the great ways we have been able to deliver on [...]

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Inspire launch their virtual board initiative.

The game at Inspire has upped significantly over the past six months so to speak. Following the appointment of a team of associate directors to support local SME business owners in their growth ambitions stage two of this has now been announced. Inspire have announced their next level of support, a 'Virtual Board' where through [...]

England’s RWC Heroes return, and I’m working on their first public debrief

Working on the Guinness National Rugby Awards earlier this year was what I would call an enjoyable challenge. Being a rugby fan of old it's enjoyable being around some of the stars of the game, but seeing and celebrating the achievements of the clubs, players and volunteers at grass roots level is also very rewarding. [...]

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Cash is King…….thankfully after this week it’s not a Prince or Duke!

You'll have to excuse the attempt at humour in the title. It seems every day this week the Duke of York has been on the front page of every paper and as I am writing about the main topics in my week I could not resist a nod to this sorry tale. So this week [...]

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Working with smaller businesses and start ups

It is ironic to think that most of the business owners most in need of specialist support are not in position to afford it. I have been supporting business owners for over seven years now in many sectors such as manufacturing, services, construction, logistics and event management. I think of myself now as pretty experienced [...]

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“I want to scale up Ashley”

In a recent chat with a business owner who has become a friend rather than a client this was a passing comment made towards the end of our conversation. It is not uncommon for a business owner to want to grow their business. But in this instance I actually expressed some caution. The short piece below [...]

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Healthy work / life balance

It is my opinion that we should "work to live" not "live to work." For me this is at the heart of what I do, and part of the philosophy I work on with my clients. Many years ago, while an new (ish) manager  with Armour Home, one the management team there impressed upon me [...]

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