Lockdown 3.0 Useful Details for Businesses – Wiltshire business links provided

2021 has started much as 2020 ended for many businesses in the UK, in turmoil. As our PM took to the airwaves on Monday evening at 8pm we all knew what was coming, only a few days after welcoming in a "new year!" So what does this mean for business and what support is available? [...]

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We've been hearing about it for what seems like months, but it is finally December so those amongst us that actually are sane (and don't just claim to be) can start legitimately thinking about Christmas. 2020 has frankly been a weird year, but it has without doubt been one of the most enjoyable to work [...]

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Going “live on air in 2020”

Over the last 9 months or so it's become normal to be live on the radio with several appearances on 5 Live and BBC Wiltshire both in the past few weeks. Most of the time I'm commenting on how local or central Government policy will impact local businesses, or representing clients or commenting on specific subjects [...]

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Pinweld receives Government grant IRO £500,000

Pinweld Ltd, from Calne, Wiltshire, have received a UK Government based grant to support a £483,000 project to bring a plastic welding and joining technology to a approval stage for use in markets such as automotive, energy and military. The technology allows the joining of plastics that currently cannot be joined both in the manufacturing [...]

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Business Growth Workshop delivered for exciting Naturally Social in Corsham!

Wow. What a team in Naturally Social. Natalie, founder and MD has put together an awesome team based at Digital Mansion in the centre of Corsham, Wiltshire.  Natalie 5 years ago was running social media for Wiltshire Council, but being an inspired entrepreneur at heart with a purpose before profit approach she established Naturally Social [...]

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Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice visit Sinewave

Since 2019 Ashley has been working with Sinewave Energy Solutions Ltd in Swindon. Sinewave provide connections to the high voltage electricity network for housing and commercial estates, data centres and work extensively in solar farms and electric vehicle charging points an their clients include some of the largest house construction companies and petrol chemical name [...]

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Announcing 4 Workshops 2020/21

There's a "C" word we all hate saying. If it's said it is between gritted teeth and with a scowl. We are all fed up with it. But unfortunately COVID is here for some time to come. (What did you think I meant?) It's hard to believe that COVID has been impacting business and personal lives [...]

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Brief on Chancellors Statement 8th July 2020

After todays PMQ's Mr. Sunak rose in the house for the umpteenth time during the Coronavirus pandemic, and when he rises millions of business owners and leaders hold their breath and listen. What is beyond doubt is the the scale of the challenge faced. It is broadly accepted that unemployment will top 3m shortly and [...]

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3 million small business owners and employees have fallen through the gaps in Government support!

It's remarkable to think that the Government support schemes such as self employment income support and furlough have missed so many but there are two campaigns underway to support the following parties and more that have fallen through the gaps. Small company directors paid mainly through dividends. Eligible for furlough, but unable to work on [...]

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A&S presents “Transition to the New Normal for SME’s”

  June 2020 sees the launch of the biggest research project I have undertaken since I formed the business in 2012. The research piece is called "A&S Business Consultants: Transition to the New Normal for SME's." This piece of research takes the form of a 30 page document which I present through webinar. It is [...]

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