I’ve been providing commentary and analysis to BBC regional journalists and BBC Radio Wiltshire on businesses reactions to government support packages impact as they are released and updated. Here’s my latest on air interview from Monday 20th April 2020.

Following Rishi Sunak live on air the primary subject I was asked about was the Furlough Scheme but the Chancellor also advised of two new support schemes the Future Fund and Innovation and Enterprise Grant Funds valued collectively at £1.2Bn+ on which I was asked for first impressions.

Notably this is the second time on the BBC I’ve raised the point about small company directors falling through the cracks between support options available. I am not alone in lobbying this point. Looking forward to seeing if it’s picked up on at all.

Credit to Turner & Partners Accountancy of Bath for their invaluable information on the details of the Furlough Scheme application portal itself and providing me with the accountants view as to supplement to employers perspective.