A&S Amends Terms and Conditions

A&S Business Consultants Ltd has amended it's standard terms and conditions for operating with clients. An up to date copy of the 2020 onwards standard terms and conditions can be downloaded here A&S T&C's 2020

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Bounce Back Loans – The short term saviour of small and micro businesses?

Yesterday Chancellor Rishi Sunak made a major announcement which didn't get much news coverage. This new 'Bounce Back" loan scheme may make the difference between survival or not. This can only be a response to the criticism on the application and approval process for CBILS and the impact on business of the delays in this [...]

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Bulletin of support options for companies, the self employed and public.

It's not often people get excited about a news bulletin. This is an exception for me as I am trying to put together all the packages of support available to business in one place. As there is so much content to share I'm breaking this into three editions based on how Government are separating their [...]

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“One of the earliest pieces of advice given by Ashley will make a massive difference” Tracie Kett, Gillingham Glass Ltd.

Following my piece on helping DAR Logistics this is the first is a series of short videos from clients highlighting some of the advice I have given them, and what they are doing as a result. In this video I talk to Tracie Kett, owner of Gillingham Glass Ltd based in Dorset. Gillingham Glass, established [...]

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BBC Radio Coverage

https://youtu.be/Feg2kP2QDCU I've been providing commentary and analysis to BBC regional journalists and BBC Radio Wiltshire on businesses reactions to government support packages impact as they are released and updated. Here's my latest on air interview from Monday 20th April 2020. Following Rishi Sunak live on air the primary subject I was asked about was the Furlough [...]

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Dealing with Coronavirus – 7 days from receiving no Government support and Ashley pulled me back

Having worked with DAR for several years the growth prospected for Dannys business have always been clear. Danny started the business himself as a driver on departure from his role as a logistics manager for a local well know furniture manufacturer. Quickly Danny accelerated the business and took on a second vehicle and driver and [...]

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Managing Teams Remotely

Businesses that are remaining operational are now mostly having to manage teams remotely as their office spaces are not conducive to social distancing, and their teams are not classified as key workers. I was asked by Inspire to put together a workshop for business owners, delivered remotely of course, covering some ideas for getting the best [...]

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A&S Launches the “Come Back Stronger” Program. A syllabus for SME owners and leaders to return from COVID-19 with their business strong and ready to grow

The global economy is being ravaged by Coronavirus with non-essential UK businesses virtually at a standstill, and those  that are still operating significantly restricted. The crisis, while devastating, is temporary. UK and global trade will return to normal. This program will allow business owners and operators to invest in themselves and their businesses during their [...]

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