The credit crunch, the change in regulations and how this affects business today

This week I attended the Inspire Elite Growth Forum where the Bank of England were guest presenters. Because the bank was unable to discuss the interest rate projections, (the MPC meet this week so they stay quiet on the matter), she discussed the changes the bank have made to regulating and stress testing the financial sector [...]

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Taking on a new client – CK Painting & Decorating

We are delighted to have been appointed by Craig Knight of CK Painting and Decorating. Having met Craig through a local business group I was instantly drawn to his knowledge and passion about both his job and his clients. CK Painting & Decorating undertake domestic and commercial projects including having recently worked on an office project, home [...]

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Marketing, creating a lasting impression

This week I had a wonderful experience with some of my family, and all thanks to a great piece of marketing by a household name in the UK, Land Rover. I can't help subconsciously recognising this as a commercial decision by a corporate organisation, and can't help thinking "how does this fit in into their [...]

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Goals and end goals. What’s the difference? (And is it important)?

One of the projects I have been working on extensively towards the end of 2019 was, helping two shareholders of an SME reconcile their very different objectives with their business. I entered this process to provide the guidance both needed to find a mutually acceptable way to progress. It was apparent to me that both parties [...]

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