We’ve been hearing about it for what seems like months, but it is finally December so those amongst us that actually are sane (and don’t just claim to be) can start legitimately thinking about Christmas.

2020 has frankly been a weird year, but it has without doubt been one of the most enjoyable to work in. Businesses facing challenges as they never have before has opened minds to seeking external support where they were closed previously. It has also been easy (relatively speaking) in some cases to make fairly transformational changes to businesses that haven’t had external support before. In one case in 12 months working with the client we have almost 10x EBITDA and cash availability while reducing debt overall, and making the debt that remains┬ámore efficient.

So we at A&S wanted to say thank you to our clients and partners for using us over 2020, and wish a less strange and successful 2021. We’ve done that by having a bit of fun with our logo which we hope you all enjoy. Purely for fun, and just for December. If it makes you smile it’s worked.

Have a great festive period and Christmas and happy new year to all.

Ashley, Sophie and Emily.